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Timp de 6 saptamani, 3 studenti din China si India au contribuit la implementarea proiectului Centru pentru dezvoltarea abilitatilor practice ale elevilor in judetul Brasov - proiect realizat in parteneriat cu sustinerea Consiliului Judetean Brasov. Mai jos puteti afla mai multe despre experienta lor. 

Reviews international students

I'm Carlos. During June to July, 2014, I've spent a significant and productive month helping conducting the DIY project in Brasov, Romania. Me and two teammates with our project manager, Daniela, went around primary and secondary schools which are in the neighboring area of Brasov to gave students workshops (6 in sum)on making handicraft. Being with kids is interesting and inspirational, and we've all gone through an attentive period of preparing models and work flows for the workshops.Besides working, we spent time hanging around with AIESEC members and exploring the natural Romania. The spectacular landscapes and friendly local people have highly impressed me. I really appreciate the experience and time with Romanian people and I'll come back to pay another visit to them if I have a chance in the future.

Personal review of DIY project - Vincent

This is a project about not only working with kids but also about doing some marketing work for our DIY project also. Both of the parts are really enjoying. Especially when working with primary and secondary school students, it was amazing that they were considerably curious of us and friendly to us. It was very pleasant to guide them to make the handicraft and to see their creativity when painting with extraordinary colors while at the same time sharing some of our cultural with them. The pupils are really interested in the workshop because in the workshop, they not only handle the tools they have never used before but also interact with people from Asia, which i think to many of them, it was their first time. The workshop conducted by international volunteers can expose these children to people and culture from other parts of the world. It is also enjoyable to the international volunteers to guide pupils from a different culture. Every workshop is an improvement both to the pupils and to the international volunteers!

Personal review - Veerali

The journey with DIY has truly been a memorable experience. It was amazing for me to be a part of the workshops that were organized as it gave me an opportunity to explore the creative side of me that I had not indulged in before. The kids in the workshop were really keen to take in whatever knowledge and experience we were trying to deliver. It fills me with joy to see the kids work with great gusto in the workshops. The teachers had also shared the kid’s energy with great vigour and made the workshops a smooth success.
The DIY project is a wonderful concept which aims to provide students future career options and allows them to have a choice at a young age itself.  This is not something that I have seen often and it is wonderful to be a part of such a mission.  It is a great feeling to be part of something that aims for future without any selfish motives or hidden agenda.
It has been a fantastic journey and I hope to be a part of it again soon.